Saturday, 26 May 2012

2012 Memorial Ride

Yesterday we held a very successful 2012 Memorial Ceremony and Ride. Because this event is as close as we come to a mandatory membership participation event, it was very pleasing to see such a spectacular turn out. I made a quick unofficial count and came up with about 40 plus people. We will have the official count and names of participants for our participation draw as soon as we can pull all the data together.

The ceremony was held as scheduled under a blue sky at Fielding Park. Rob opened with a few words and a moment of silence. He then turned it over to Fr. Jolicouer, who graciously attended and delivered a wonderful sermon related to riding, fellowship, and remembrance of lost friends. Jim read aloud a passage appropriate to the occasion and Rob followed up with a poem he found written by a fellow biker that we could all relate to. Memorial Ride Crests were given out to club members who hadn't earned them yet, followed by a presentation of an embroidered T-shirt to Sandy Lawrence, Rob and Chantal Lemieux, Gary and Diane Venturi, and Cathay French, commemorating the hair raising experience they survived during the accident on the club ride to Ottawa last summer. A round of applause was given in appreciation of their undaunted participation and continued presence within our circle.

By 10:30 we were at Mr. J’s Restaurant in Lively where we all had breakfast and took the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company before heading out on a club ride to Elliot Lake. The group separated into a couple of sub groups to allow everyone to ride within their own comfort zone with an agreement to meet up further on down the road. Our first stop was at the Tim’s/Wendy’s rest stop at the Espanola turnoff. We all know coffee doesn’t stay with you long after breakfast. Some of us could only ride this far as there were other commitments for the day so we said our farewells as they headed back home and the rest continued on. Next stop was the entry to the deer trail at the turn off to Elliot Lake. Sandy Lawrence (our designated photographer) took more pics for the web site and we were off again. Our original, loosely knit plan was to stop at the Fireside in Elliot Lake for lunch but after such a large breakfast we decided a quick stop at the DQ would be just fine. Good Choice !!!

The ride back started with a quick refuel for some before leaving Elliot Lake while others continued on to re-join as a group in Espanola. The Espanola stop allowed yet others to refuel and take a quick break where goodbyes were said and the day’s festivities came to an end for our 2012 Memorial Ride. What a great way to remember friends who have passed, enjoy the friendship of those remaining, and continue with a passion that has brought us all together. Thanks is given to all who organized and participated in this one of our clubs most important events on our calendar.

Dan Nepssy aka: Nepper 
Vice president Freedom Riders

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