Sunday, 8 July 2012

First Yogi Bear Picnic Ride

So we've had our first Yogi Bear Ride, ( Get it , picnic ride )  LOL

I pulled the trailer with coolers for food and water for the group and we set off immediately after our Sunday Meeting.  We,  being Gary and Dianne, Jim and Sandy,  Terry, Roger, Jacky, Leo, Rob, Yollande and me.   Our destination,  Parry Sound. 

Our first stop was at the Timmies on Lévesque Street  so we could parle and make a few decisions.  Our next stop was the French River Trading Post and who do we meet there,  none other than our friend and cohort Sandy Lawrence.  Too bad but she didn't have the bike and was otherwise occupied.  Gary and Dianne decided it best to turn around and head back because Gary was feeling a bit under the weather.  (footnote,  I just called and Gary is fine and relaxing at home)  So on we went to Parry Sound with our target point to be the Lookout Tower and Museum on the hill.

We had a great break and lunch under the trees taking time to shoot the breeze and have a good look around.  Some of us took the opportunity to climb the tower for a better view of the town.  At the top we learned of Jim's problem with,  I  think he said angoraphobia.  I still can't figure out what a fear of fuzzy little bunnies had to do with being at the top of the look out tower but it must have meant something to him because he was sure hanging on to the fencing at the top of the tower.  I looked but I'm sure I never seen and little rabbits chasing him. 
After our lunch we refueled at the local CTC gas bar (holly shit,  I paid $1.19 for premium in Ottawa last week,  it was $1.38 here)  Ouch !!!

Off we went toward home.  Part way back Roger's saddle bag popped open and try as we may to communicate that while riding on the highway we (Yollande and I) couldn't make our point clear.  Another bike (not with our group and not pulling a trailer)  used the paved shoulder of the road to pull up on the right side of Roger and show him the problem.  Thanks bud,  much appreciated.  Yollande and I slowed off for a while until Roger caught up to us then we proceeded to try and catch the rest of the column.  OOPS !!!  Shit,  passed them at the turn off to the French River Information Center.  Rode to the French River Motel, turned around and rode back.  We took a nice break at the center then headed out.  OOPs looks like Jacky forgot to tie her saddle bag.  Dam  those saddle bags.  By the time we seen her we could tell she was okay and would catch up so we motored by signaling the rest of the group that there was no major problem.  We continued to ride at a slower pace knowing the rest of the group would soon pass us and so they did.   We decided to take it slow back to town and so we ended a great ride safe and sound at home. 

This was our first Picnic Ride (as opposed to stopping at a restaurant) and everyone seemed to think it went pretty good.   It was something different and we will have to do it again sometime.  Always looking for something different to do.  Hey anybody want to go play miniature golf.  LOL 

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